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Crazy about Packaging

crazy about packaging - Crazy about Packaging 310x165 - Crazy about Packaging

“Or old handkerchief honey, no difference, okay? It still works,” my husband hisses angrily in my ear as I pick up boxes after boxes of “designer” tissues. Designer fabrics! Ha, can you hear me say that? I can’t believe I actually wrote the designer organization. So yes, for a graphic …

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Co-op Advertising: A Win/Win Proposition

co-op advertising: a win/win proposition - Proposition 310x165 - Co-op Advertising: A Win/Win Proposition

An easy way for a small business to expand its marketing budget is through collaborative advertising. Cooperative advertising, or sometimes abbreviated as co-operative advertising, is when a manufacturer of goods for use or resale by a service provider reimburses advertisers for some or all of the advertising costs of their …

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Convention Advertising – Infinite Possibilities

Convention Advertising convention advertising – infinite possibilities - Convention Advertising     Infinite Possibilities 310x165 - Convention Advertising – Infinite Possibilities

Do you know what shit is? Really wishing for something and wanting to be that thing, but absolutely nothing in your attempts. Their shattered dreams, their lost sense of self, is what makes people want to be “employees” of a company as stupid as Amway. Unfortunately, this is my life. …

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Contextual Advertising

contextual advertising contextual advertising - Contextual Advertising 310x165 - Contextual Advertising

There are many ways people can make money online. From product sales to advertising. In this article, I will explain the concept of contextual advertising. First, I’ll explain what contextual advertising is. Contextual advertising is the promotion of a product on a website based on what the page displays. For …

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Build Your Mailing List Or Die!

Build Your Mailing List Or Die! - Build Your Mailing List Or Die 310x165 - Build Your Mailing List Or Die!

Are mailing lists really that important? You can bet it is. Without a mailing list, you’re at the mercy of search engines and their ever-changing regulations. Don’t get me wrong, SEO is critical to your business, but that’s not the end of the story. If you don’t have a mailing …

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Billboard Advertising

Billboard Advertising - Billboard Advertising 310x165 - Billboard Advertising

Outdoor advertising is an inexpensive and effective way to promote a company’s products. Of all the methods, the most in-demand method is billboard advertising, which has proven to be the best-selling strategy of late. According to an analysis by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, nearly $5.6 billion was spent …

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Be Imaginative

Be Imaginative - Be Imaginative 310x165 - Be Imaginative

What’s the easiest way to end a great ad campaign before it starts? Taking it too seriously is not rocket science. You don’t need a science degree to make or understand advertising. Under no circumstances should you take down an ad because it’s not literal enough. Conversely, if you find …

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Be Courageous

advertising, marketing, branding, advertising campaign, copywriting Be Courageous - Be Courageous 310x165 - Be Courageous

For such a simple statement, it’s one of the hardest things humans do. It goes back to that damn survival instinct that we all are born with. If an animal draws attention in the wild, it may soon find itself the main course of the larger animal’s next meal. This …

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Advertising and Internet: a Long term relationship

Advertising and Internet: a Long term relationship - 2512 310x165 - Advertising and Internet: a Long term relationship

With the rise in competition, online advertising agencies are hired to promote business with well-planned promotions. Advertising is an integral part of promotional campaigns, and can be crucial for success. The best strategy for advertising is to coordinate agencies and companies from the start of a campaign. Advertising online reaches …

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