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Crazy about Packaging

“Or old handkerchief honey, no difference, okay? It still works,” my husband hisses angrily in my ear as I pick up boxes after boxes of “designer” tissues. Designer fabrics! Ha, can you hear me say that? I can’t believe I actually wrote the designer organization. So yes, for a graphic designer and writer who fully understands the endeavours of packaging and branding a product, I would definitely fall in love with it. All the hype. Jokes “they absorb with good reproduction and wonderful color combinations”. Hey, I’m still a consumer, remember. I have the right to fall in love with pretty packaging, I have the right to be human.

But they are so pretty…packaged. I swear!

They have a “Nature Lover” pack, a “Fruit” pack, a “Women on the Go” pack, and then a “Kids” pack. I grabbed 4 of each design bag and ran with them to the counter while my screaming kids and distraught husband chased me in slow motion. This is definitely a tough time. You know when the heroes run away from a bunch of savages with machine guns and they shoot you in the foot or something…and then there’s an explosion behind you…and it all happened at ssslllllooooowwww mmmmooooottttiiiiooonnnnn.

Well, in this case, I ran to the cashier with a tissue box with a nice packaging design. If I didn’t like packaging design that much, I would find it weird. But I am serious. In fact, I love these packaging designs so much that after I’ve used up all the tissues in the box, I cut out the designs and put them in my explicit “must keep for reference” binder. I don’t keep a lot of stuff there because I’m very picky about the designs I like, but these packaging designs are spot on. They definitely did.

Look, this is what happens when you work hard to create a packaging design. Yes, we all have this thought… “Hey, it’s the packaging! It’s what’s inside that counts. They throw away the packaging. So why spend so much money on packaging?” You might also Think that the money should be used to develop higher quality products…for faster shipping options…or the money should be used to get potential customers to have expensive dinners at Italian restaurants. This really is your call.

But as a graphic designer and consumer, I have to tell you this. The more effort you put into your packaging design, the more customers will stop by to look at your packaging or its contents. Now, if they stop and notice your packaging, your chances of getting them to buy your product increase, does that make sense? I agree.

You see, the role of packaging is to grab the consumer’s attention. Without electrified packaging, consumers would walk past piles of other competing products…and yours…without even knowing you were there! For God’s sake, your product is on the shelf, and the only weapon you have is fancy packaging. Once they stop and look, you win the first round.

think about it!

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