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Cool Advertising Balloons For Your Marketing

I am really a retrograde. I’m just an old-fashioned egalitarian in this respectable age of Washington Consensus-oriented, self-persistent. That doesn’t mean I think we should all sew Mao-style unisex suits and eat from cans marked with white text on a black background. It just means I don’t think the playing field is level, it has to be, and then action has to be taken to maintain a level playing field. Well, that means a few other things too, but that’s not her, and it’s not for this little conversation. In the end, my support for equality boils down to equality of opportunity and respect. This is how I try to approach people today.

I feel like everyone has something positive to share with me and the world, and I try to approach everyone that way until proven otherwise. I’ve spent time with some very smart and caring rich people, and I’ve certainly had a lot of experience sharing time with less fortunate people who have taught me a lot about life with their wit, patience, and sense of humor.

That’s why I love balloons. I feel like they are egalitarian activists in the toy and advertising world. So many other toys and gadgets are usually associated with one part of society or another. This is not the case with balloons.

Despite the very low and anachronistic price of balloons, both rich and poor want them to party. Middle school students still release balloons to deliver messages of goodwill to unknown recipients. Even Colombian mules rely on balloons as an integral part of their import and export business.

So, if you truly believe in equality, put your money where your mouth is, throw away social stratification toys like PlayStation or Homies, and buy some balloons. Let’s play and advertise in unity. Land, freedom, balloons!

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