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Convention Advertising – Infinite Possibilities

Do you know what shit is? Really wishing for something and wanting to be that thing, but absolutely nothing in your attempts. Their shattered dreams, their lost sense of self, is what makes people want to be “employees” of a company as stupid as Amway. Unfortunately, this is my life.

What I’d like to be but have completely failed so far is the convention type. I want to attend the conference. I have my first choice, but pretty much any one will fit. I’m sure that either the Democratic national conversion or the Republican version will deprive someone of an opportunity to celebrate like never before. During my freshman year of college, I went through a huge phase where the thought of rock kissing conventions made my mouth water. But the convention that originally seduced my wildest dreams was the Star Trek convention. I can’t even imagine how crazy the party will be after that.

It is this fact of personal history that keeps me from completely disrupting online business, advertising, and internet practices. While most of these folks are here 52 weeks of the year, I feel like they’ll be ready to do anything during convention week. Unlike at Start Trek, the people you watch the sunrise with may be inherently cool people you can laugh with; online advertisers certainly provide plenty of laughing stock. Really, I don’t care if I’m laughing with someone or at them, as long as I’m laughing. Also, when you open the floodgates, when you have a bunch of people coiling around in thongs day in and day out, I bet a surge in stress could instantly wipe a mid-sized city off the map…that’s what I’m looking for the kind of party.

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