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Contextual Advertising

There are many ways people can make money online. From product sales to advertising. In this article, I will explain the concept of contextual advertising.

First, I’ll explain what contextual advertising is. Contextual advertising is the promotion of a product on a website based on what the page displays. For example, if a website’s content is about Ford trucks, the ad would be ford trucks for sale or ford repairs, etc. It takes the text on the page and displays ads similar to those texts. Then when someone takes action or clicks on your page, you get paid.

Who can use contextual advertising on their website? Everyone has content. authentic content. This does not mean links or images, but textual content. Several companies offer contextual advertising programs. Some big companies are Yahoo and Google. Although Yahoo’s contextual advertising is currently only available to US publishers.

Contextual advertising programs also sometimes have strict guidelines that must be followed. Let’s take Google as an example. As mentioned above, Google ads can only be placed on pages that contain content. The most important rule when using contextual advertising is: don’t click on your own ads. Google has terminated numerous publisher accounts for violating this rule and has gone to court several times for this “click fraud.”

Contextual advertising can be lucrative. It can pay for hosting and maintenance for your website, or more. Several people make thousands of dollars a month from contextual advertising. It all depends on how much traffic your website gets and how you place ads on the page. You can earn more if you place them prominently on the page.

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