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Commercial Lithographic Printing

Commercially printing artwork on smooth surfaces is called lithography. It is usually used to print text on paper or other materials. During the long and complex lithographic process, the entire printing plate comes into contact with the paper, with the help of chemical processes, to obtain the desired image on the paper.

Lithography is also known as lithography because the plates used are flat. Using an oil-based medium and an acid emulsified with gum arabic, the technician draws the desired image on the surface of the block. This in turn creates a layer of salt around the image. This layer of salt is absorbed through a process called etching.

The drawing material is now removed with turpentine, leaving a salt layer containing traces of the original design. If you need to print, wet the stone with water and apply ink on the surface. Running this combination of paper and stone through a printing press transfers the ink to the paper, resulting in beautiful, crisp prints.

Over the years, many improvements have been made to this basic lithography process to achieve higher levels of commercial proficiency. Various industries have emerged in the United States for items such as lithographic letterhead, labels, and other high-demand stationery.

People in the printing industry believe that lithography is an excellent method of printing text and illustrations. Using this innovative process, you can get over 1,000,000 impressions in short to medium time. In addition to newspaper and book printing, lithographic printing can be used by printers for general commercial printing, rapid printing, and printing of business forms and legal documents.

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