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Coming Up With Catchy Advertising Slogans

I want this to start on the right foot so there’s no confusion or hurt feelings. I’m a big fan of creativity. I think it’s so…unique. If you have this creative energy and use it, then I salute you for making the world a better place to run around. Disclaimer ready, let’s go.

Did you go to college did you study advertising? LOL really! ? Do you party a lot? I bet you have. Did you go to school to study advertising? I bet you didn’t. Oh, did you have one? I bet you partyed a lot in high school.

My point is not that advertising isn’t a serious profession that only a few people can do well, because I think it is. But that’s the problem, only a few can do it well. Apart from that, advertising is one of the most important fields in the university, and the field of advertising penetrates into almost every aspect of our daily life. This tells me that many of these graduates are employed in the jobs they learn. I find it odd because advertising seems to be a profession that everyone can at least pass. However, once they have a diploma, they are eligible. still you?

I found an automated banner machine online. It generates an ad tagline for each word you enter in the text box. I have to say I think it does a great job. But can it be as good as a true research expert in advertising? As a comparison, I found some slogans that were rated as the best slogans of 2000-2003. See if you can tell which slogans were conceived by an educated advertiser who thrives on his sharp wit and which ones were made by an automatic generator.

• Lipsmackin’ Thirst Quencher Acetastin’ Motivatin’ Goodbuzzin’ Cooltalkin’ Highwalkin’ Fastlivin’ Evergivin’ Coolfizzin’ Perpendicular.

• shake someone’s hand and touch them

• I wish I was Fuscia Weiner.

• Don’t be vague.
Ask Haig

• I saw the strategy and thought of you.

• We work harder

• It just fits me and my range.

• When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent, you’ll wonder where the yellow went

• Deploy Kimchi in the US

To be fair, let me reiterate that the actual slogans for Corporate Financed and Okay were selected from a group that was recognized as the best of their respective years; the auto-generated slogans were just the first to pop out of the machine. Again, I’m not trying to belittle the industry or the professional, but somehow I’m confident to say that most advertisers make the most ambitious and creatively convincing efforts in their job interviews .

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