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Chemical Directory Can Come in Two Flavors

Chemistry catalogs can come in one of two different styles, technical and commercial.

technology-Oriented Chemistry Catalog

This type of chemical catalog can look up chemical substances by their molecular formula, common name, or other technical specifications. It is a directory for technicians familiar with chemicals.

Once you provide a name, formula, etc., the catalog takes you to a page listing chemicals that match your search criteria. Vendor names are also provided for each. You can then get more detailed information about a specific supplier or chemical.

Links can also be used to obtain chemical quotes from specific suppliers.

Such technology-oriented chemical inventories often feature other technical features, such as chemical calculators that calculate various properties, such as molecular weight, from formulas or other information.

Another valuable technical feature is the property browser, which calculates drug-related properties based on valid chemical structures. This helps identify high-risk side effects of the structure. For example, you can identify toxicity.

Chemical Directory for Business

Such directories list suppliers of specific chemicals in a conventional manner. For example, you can search alphabetically for suppliers of absorbents, acids, and more. In some directories you can also find suppliers in different countries.

Forwarding a request for quotation (RFQ) to a supplier is one possibility that chemical stocks can offer. At least one directory allows you to send applications to many suppliers with one application form. You can choose the company to send the request to.

The chemical supplier database also exists in printed and Computer readable media formats. You can purchase these databases for a fee. Alternatively, you can pay a monthly fee or similar and access their online database.

While some directories charge buyers to access their supplier database, others may allow buyers free access and charge sellers a fee to include their information. In the latter case, only those sellers who paid to be included can be included in the catalog, ie. H. This will be a composite index that is inferior to other types.

Regional Chemical List

The Regional Chemistry Directory aims to promote the chemical industry in different regions. It will also help buyers find sources near them or low-cost suppliers from around the world. For example, low-cost manufacturers in India and China can supply chemicals that meet specifications at a lower cost.


The chemical industry is constantly discovering new formulations. These chemicals have different properties and effects. In addition to their specific therapeutic properties, many drugs can have side effects.

In order to serve users in this industry, chemical inventories need to include some unique features. You will find catalogs where you can search for chemicals by molecular formula or CAS number as well as by name.

technology-oriented metrics can also provide chemical calculators and chemical structure-based reaction details.

Then there are the traditional chemical catalogs where you can find suppliers of each chemical you can contact directly or through the catalog publisher.

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