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Business Directory Moves From Paper to Computer Screen

Business directories help buyers find businesses that sell the items they want. Directories used to be printed on the yellow pages. A shopper went to the relevant category, looked at the offer and called a promising supplier.

Today, catalogs tend to appear online. Online business directories have several advantages. For example, companies can keep their information up-to-date so potential buyers don’t find the wrong contact on the other end of the phone.

Business directories not only serve consumers, but also businesses. They can list their business in the directory and grab the attention of buyers browsing the directory. Especially when the directory is an online directory, a lot of business can be done this way.

Benefits of an Online Business Directory

Online business catalogs have many advantages over print catalogs. These include:

Directory user:

Search and other features make it easier and faster for users to find what they’re looking for. No need to flip through tedious books, just a few mouse clicks.
More information can be found in the online catalog. This includes not only information about listed companies, but also other relevant and useful information. Roadmaps and informative topic descriptions are examples of such add-ons. </li>
The information in the online directory may be updated as public companies can edit their information.
Users can quickly click through to the company website for more details. They can also contact these companies if the details meet their expectations or look promising.

Listed company:

In addition to providing more information about themselves in the directory, companies can also provide full details on websites that users typically click on. This is much better than providing information over the phone when a user who prints the directory calls.
Users are much more likely to visit a website anonymously than over the phone. This means more users are likely to notice your offer.
Entries in online directories have the added advantage of providing additional links to public company websites. Many companies list their business in many directories in order to gain link popularity and thus increase the visibility of their website in search engines.

Organization Business Directory

Finding information easily in different ways is one of the main goals when deciding how to arrange business catalog content, layout, and navigation.

A search function with advanced features is now a standard feature. You can usually search by company name, category, location or product. It is also standard to use prominent tags to direct visitors to the main section and links within each section to subsections, etc.

The appearance of a directory can determine whether it becomes popular, as long as it has a sufficient number of entries to be called a good resource.

Many directories take a niche approach, focusing on a specific business category, such as agriculture or plastics.


Business directories are helpful for both buyers and sellers. Online business catalogs offer several advantages over print catalogs, which tend to be clunky and even outdated quickly.

Online business directories provide faster lookups and more information. For public companies, they also provide some link visibility.

To be successful, a business directory must appeal to both business and directory users. They try to do this with different techniques and methods.

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