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Business Cards : Does Your Business Information Stick?

Anyone who has attended a conference will remember the proverbial “passing” of business cards.

This powerful marketing tool is often used in practice, and we have to wonder how long your cardholders stick with it and get the most out of your business message?

In a world where first impressions matter and business is increasingly competitive, it’s foolish to follow the crowd.

You have to act differently to make an impact and to be remembered when others are forgotten. Typically, a traditional business card reflects your name, title at the company, and contact information…not very inspiring.

A full-color business card might be a better option, but again, you should make some impressions and give your card recipient a second look.

So, in my opinion, what matters is not your actual business information, but how you present it.

Recently, in the typical situation above, I withheld my vinyl print photo business cards until the end of the meeting. I kindly asked my potential clients to give me their journals…and they did, but looked a little dazed. I paste my info into their diary and go back to their comments, I accept that sometimes things get lost, but not my business card.

Surprise smiles were everywhere and I knew I was impressed and they could easily follow up on my messages.

The next time you decide to print a business card, consider not only the content, but also how this important information will be presented.

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