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Branding – the myths and the realities

Branding is easier said than done. Advertising gurus around the world are still figuring out what exactly constitutes a brand. Why is one brand scoring ahead of the others, and why isn’t building customer trust even though everything seems to be going well?

Is it a sign?

is it color

Is it your advertising design, brochure, packaging of your product/service, the look of your company headquarters, etc.?

Or the promise conveyed by a particular product or service—a promise of quality, authenticity, and credibility?

Well… it’s actually a combination of all of these. But the fourth point is the most important – commitment! Why do some products or companies manage to build high brand recall and brand loyalty in the minds of customers?

And for some others, no amount of budget advertising and marketing spending will help them register their product as a trademark that people may continue to use?

<b>Quality + Marketing = Winner</b>

It really depends on two important things – first, the quality of your product/service, and second, the advertising and marketing mix you develop to reach your customers.

First, when you have quality products that perform well, warranties, and value for money, you have the weapons you need to win the war. This is the first step.

Now for ammunition, that’s the ad mix that positions them as a brand that guarantees reliability. It is not enough to attract customers with beautiful logos, stylish color combinations, visually appealing packaging and a few trendy advertisements on TV channels, newspapers and the Internet.

You must first know what exactly it takes to build the brand equity of your product. As one internet guru explained, branding is like the icing on an ice cream cake that conveys the brand’s promise. In fact, the way you brand your corporate identity goes a long way in establishing your product/service in the minds of customers.

The ice cream scoop represents your products and services, Apple represents your business environment, and the crust on the cake is really your systems and how effectively they work and respond to customers.

<b>How does the brand communicate its commitment? </b>

It’s actually a really interesting way to look at brands. This brand promise is communicated through several factors:

• the reputation of the product (your own reputation also plays a role here),
• His experience (especially if the product has been on the market for a long time – perfect material for viral marketing),
• Product names – catchy, easy-to-remember names help
• Its logo – although it may look harmless, the logo is a sign of authority
• Its positioning in the market and corresponding pricing
• News and reviews about it – The Web 2.0 world is all about sharing notes, information and experiences through social networks, and what’s written becomes critical
• Advertising – A good slogan or slogan can quickly enter the public’s mind
• Marketing materials – depending on your product/service and the most suitable media (eg flyers, sales letters, direct mail, etc.)

The development of the advertising mix depends on the features or characteristics of the product/service. For example, some products/services may only require direct marketing campaigns and no TVC or print advertising at all, such as: B. Work-from-home companies.

Or some, such as debt management services, can rely on well-produced corporate video productions to create brand exposure at trade shows.

Keep an eye out for my next article, where I’ll discuss the essentials needed to prepare an effective media mix, especially in the context of interactive advertising.

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