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Advertising On Celebrity Fan Sites

Online advertising is derived from an amalgam of media sources. On the Internet, you will find ads scattered around the web. It is safe to say that the Internet is one giant billboard.

Online advertising allows the company to target specific audiences and creating a glitzy, gimmicky logo or image or even creating a tagline doesn’t work for these particular demographics. The people who use the Internet are typically looking for specific items of information and ignore other sources if they are too  gimmicky.

Users now prefer loading up their screens with ads that are light, less intense, and not obtrusive while they are doing research. When the Internet was still young, ads were bigger and more showy. Now that the internet has most likely replaced dial-up, they want user experience over advertisement.

Of course, it’s every bit as true online as it is offline. People love connecting with others and advertising something that will appeal to their values or features things they can relate to. Feature people in your commercials and individuals will connect better to your message.

The only exception to this rule seems to be celebrities. Specifically, people will believe almost anything a celebrity says about your company’s product, whether or not they themselves are suited for the product or not. If your product is about health care, a doctor would be more likely to respond to you than anyone else. If your product is about basketball shoes, a professional basketball player would be most appropriate. Basically, you have to build credibility into your brand’s personality before someone will trust it enough to purchase what you’re selling.

You will have to spend a lot of money to have a celebrity endorse your product, as their manager will be active in the process.

Although fan sites about celebrities may seem like unfair advertising opportunities, there is a way for you to split the profit. These services do not require an explicit contract that obligates you to pay a fixed monthly fee or anything of that nature. Usually, these sites are owned and run by the fan of the celebrity they are modeling themselves after.

The public can dictate how much money an artist earns based on how they react to them. Common sense artists know that before being a success, they need to have some sort of fan base. The acceptance of the public in terms of their mass appeal influences not only the amount of money that they make but also the specific opportunities they have in later years.

Celebrities are among the highest searched items on the net. Over 40 million queries about them are made a day. Fans also search Microsoft Bing of their favorite and not so favorite celebrities.

Due to the increase in search engine exposure, these fan sites of well-known celebrities have increased in popularity. The sites provide a wealth of information about their favorite person on time-worn topics such as lyrics, movies and television shows.

Businesses with exposure to different high profile celebrities might be able to benefit more from those relationships. Today, consumers are always on the hunt for products such as yours and exposure will help you reach them.

One way to think of this is as sponsorship. A lot of TV shows or segments are sponsored by various companies. They allow these TV shows or segments to stay on the air in exchange for a consistent interruption of commercial breaks.

The advantage for online advertising programs means that advertisers don’t have to wait for their commercial to play. They can advertise on a variety of spots on the site and even have access to specific pages with your product still there. They make sure anybody who’s moved their sights across the site sees the advertiser’s message.

Online ads are much cheaper than TV ads, providing you with a larger reach. Since your ad is accessible world wide, you avoid the expense of appearing in only one country.

These celebrities have fans all across the world. As with other common websites, celebrity fan sites come with a global reach. If your business caters to the international market, placing your ad on a celebrity site can be an advantage.


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