Advertising Balloon With Helium – Laugh It Up - ds 660x330 - Advertising Balloon With Helium – Laugh It Up

Advertising Balloon With Helium – Laugh It Up

I’m an old fashioned egalitarian, which means that I don’t think things are fair. I believe everyone has equal opportunity and should be respected. This doesn’t mean we all wear Mao suits and eat pre-packaged food. It just means we try to make sure people have equal opportunity and respect.

I try to approach all with the same, positive attitude until I can be proven otherwise. I have spent time with people of different social backgrounds who have taught me a lesson or two about life – their wisdom, patience and sense of humor saved me from despair in many occasions.

This is why I like balloons. They’re the equal opportunity athlete in the world of toys and advertising. A lot of other toys and advertising gimmicks typically attach themselves to one group or another, but not with balloons.

There is a timeless appreciation for balloons, with rich and poor kids all wanting to have it as part of their celebration. They’re often used by middle school kids as messages of goodwill and Colombian mules count on them too, as part of their import/export business.

So, if you truly believe in equality, drop Playstation or Homies and get yourself some balloons. Let’s all play together and advertise in solidarity.


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