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LEGO Rock Raiders


The rock raiders crew are about to embark on a journey residence to earth when their ship, the LMS Explorer, flies into an asteroid subject. The ship turns into badly broken and to make issues worse, they’re sucked right into a wormhole, taking the crew off track. Once they come to, they understand that the ship is in an alternate galaxy far-off from their very own. With the ship operating on emergency energy, they discover a close by planet that’s wealthy in power crystals. Their solely probability to make it house is to gather sufficient power crystals to energy the ship so they’re able to fly again residence.


Like most RTS video games, you might be given a set of goals to finish. Most of those goals usually contain discovering misplaced rock raiders or amassing a set variety of power crystals. The enemies of the sport usually are not opposing factions, however quite the setting. For instance, some missions contain buying a set variety of power crystals earlier than lava engulfs your total base. Different enemies usually contain Rock Monsters, Ice Monsters, and Lava Monsters which try and destroy your base. One particular monster includes the Slimy Slug wherein it saps your base of power ought to it handle to sneak into your base. Every of them has a weak point and it is as much as the participant to take advantage of them.

Usually, the participant begins by teleporting rock raiders to the planet to start out the mining course of. From there, they could drill partitions extract power crystals which may add to your mission goal completion, or to energy your base. The ore can also be discovered that are usually used to construct buildings on your base.

Along with Rock Raiders, mining automobiles can also be teleported down supplied that you’ve sufficient power crystals. They’ll help in extraction, to clear particles, or rapidly scout the world. To function automobiles, nonetheless rock raiders have to be educated to make use of them.

Rock Raiders might be educated in many various areas comparable to geology, driving, piloting, crusing, and explosives. Geology will enable the radar to choose up seams of power crystals and ores a lot simpler. Driving, piloting, and crusing enable rock raiders to function respective automobiles that require these abilities. Explosives enable rock raiders with out mining automobiles to destroy onerous rock seams.

When Rock Raiders “die” they’re teleported to security. They don’t technically for the reason that sport gives every rock raider with an power defend which depletes as they take injury. Once they get broken sufficient, they’re teleported again to the ship. If they’re teleported again to the ship, you lose that Rock Raider ceaselessly, which means that every one previous accomplishments and coaching are gone.


Though the principle purpose is to gather power crystals, some buildings are wanted with the intention to make mentioned purpose both sooner or doable. The buildings might be upgraded in order that their options are improved or added.

Instrument Retailer

The software retailer is the default construction that each base begins with. Not solely is that this the one construction that doesn’t require energy to function, it additionally acts primarily because the foothold of your entire base till an influence station is constructed. Usually, all extraneous provides you accumulate shall be saved right here, which means that ore and unused power crystals shall be saved right here. Do you have to order a Rock Raider to acquire gadgets, they are going to retrieve them right here as effectively. The software retailer additionally acts as a teleport pad till you assemble a working one afterward. Explosives consultants can also be educated right here.

Teleport Pad

Though it is not practical while you first construct it, the constructing itself is a requirement with the intention to construct an influence station. Not like the software retailer, the teleport pad will assist you to teleport small automobiles to the planet. Along with being a teleport pad, you’ll be able to oddly sufficient prepare pilots right here.

Energy Station

The facility station is the center of the bottom…in addition to the goal of three/4 of all assaults finished by slimy slugs and the basic monsters. When constructed, it powers your total base so long as you could have the power crystal necessities.


Constructing docks lets you teleport water-based automobiles. It’s going to additionally assist you to prepare sailors.

Assist Station

The help station is probably the most essential constructing you will have subsequent to the ability station. With out it, you won’t be able to provide the oxygen that’s wanted on your Rock Raiders to maintain working. With this constructing, you’ll be able to prepare drivers and your rock raiders will routinely take breaks so they do not tire themselves out. A help station will even improve the cap quantity of Rock Raiders you’ll be able to teleport to the planet.

Geological Centre

That is the place you’ll be able to prepare geologists and lets you have a radar map of your entire space.

Mining Laser

This constructing lets you shoot lasers to destroy most rock inside a couple of hits. Keep in mind that a couple of photographs will eat up an power crystal.

Ore Refinery

Ore Refineries will assist you to refine ore into lego blocks in order that it doesn’t take as a lot ore to create a constructing.

Giant Teleport Pad

This construction will assist you to teleport the large daddies of all mining automobiles.

PlayStation Model

The PlayStation model removes the RTS facet and replaces it fully with objective-based missions.
Most missions require you to both discover and accumulate power crystals or misplaced raiders typically even each, some missions have to be accomplished in a sure period of time.
Relying on how effectively you do in a mission you can be rewarded with a medal on the finish of the mission.
There are three medals; Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Incomes all gold medals unlocks particular missions.

The PAL and the NTSC variations of the sport have completely different missions.
The missions for the NTSC launch of the sport are barely simpler in comparison with its PAL counterpart.

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