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Celebrity Branding

Celebrity branding is an advertising method that utilizes the services of celebrities, using their fame and status in society to promote products or services. There are several ways to do this; it could be a celebrity, just appearing in an ad, and a celebrity could sign up for a promotion. Another way is to launch a line of products that use their name as a brand. Fragrances and apparel are the largest product lines with such promotions. All top actors, singers and models are known to lend their names to specific brands or licensed products. Jennifer Lopez recently started her own clothing line where she designs designer clothes herself.
Customers’ buying behavior is strongly influenced by celebrities. Marketing experts use the principles of associative learning to analyze the lifestyles of celebrities in order to assign them to brands that perfectly represent them. Their fashion sense, appeal, popularity, fame and public image are all thoroughly vetted in order to assign them to the right charity work or product. Repetition, occlusion, CS pre-exposure, erasure, occlusion, attribution and association set size are the basis for analysis, such as the famous Miss World Aishwarya Rai from India, who has very beautiful eyes. Selected to advertise for the Eyes fundraiser. Some celebrities are known for their unique voices. This concept led to the voice-over approach in advertising. Only use your voice in commercials to attract customers.
Today, nearly 20 percent of the advertising industry uses celebrity endorsements. Over time, celebrities will inevitably endorse many products and brands. Each time, a different image of the celebrity is projected onto the public. Companies should keep their previous identities in mind and play accordingly. Casting a different person each time will interest the client, but at the same time the two identities should not conflict with each other. England football captain David Beckham has endorsed many products. When advertising for Gillette, his taste in hairstyles was taken into account, and he looked bald. His passion for fashion was evident as he fought for the police, with David Beckham pictured wearing heavy jewellery.
If a celebrity isn’t content to be portrayed differently each time, he or she can create their own graphic images or logos that can be used each time a particular product is promoted. Logos can reflect the personality of a particular celebrity, and fonts can be stylish if the celebrity is fashion-conscious like Jennifer Lopez, who created a JLO logo to promote fragrances and even her own clothing line. Another benefit of this approach is that even if the celebrity has lost their looks, brands can still appeal to the masses because they don’t need a visual identity or tools for long-term negotiations. Celebrity logos carry style and attitude in themselves.
Every year, marketers invest millions of dollars to get superstar endorsements. David Brown Entertainment has an agency that selects celebrities for its products. Not only do they judge the qualities of celebrities to influence brand affinity and consumer taste, but they also design advertisements in which celebrities appear.

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