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Advertising on a budget — Part 3: Frequency, frequency, frequency

This is the third article of a three-part series. The first two address marketing challenges of, a small business, and the third will illustrate their potential pivot to an entirely different web presence strategy.

Learn what it means and why “Frequency is king”

With the right marketing tactics, you increase your chances of landing an order or a lead. Generating scraped content that gets in front of your potential audience is one surefire way to do this, and to get other hands on your product.

Given the extensive number of times that people need to see something before they act, you might want to rethink your communication strategies and make them more appealing.

But, if you want to get your brand in front of customers as much as possible, you need to use advertising.

How do we trust brands like Ivory Soap, Campbell Soup and Tide to wash us if they haven’t taught us their product through repeated advertising? That’s why these brands pop into our head when we think of soap, soup or laundry detergent.

Ad means business

The importance of placing ads in your target audience’s time frame

When purchasing something people like to know they made the right decision. The reassurance people need depends on how much they spend, but everyone needs some confirmation that they made the right decision. Your advertising can help.

Studies have shown that people are more aware of car ads after they purchase a vehicle. Note, this is because they want to know that the advertisement was representative of their purchase and whether or not it was worthwhile.

There are many good reasons to advertise frequently. You don’t need to spend a fortune. Learn some tricks to generate an advertising frequency with low cost with these print ads! We’ll cover other advertising options in future issues.

Make your ad as small as possible in order to maximize efficiency. To learn more about shrinking it’s size, see “Advertising on a Budget – Part 2: Thinking Small.”

It is better to put all your social media ads out at one time than have them out spread apart. If people don’t see those ads once they are scheduled, they may not remember them the next time they visit the social media site. They will only instantly be reminded when they see your ad multiple times in a week.

Also try out newspaper frequency programs, like the free one offered by newspapers. Make sure you read the contract and be careful with advertising under the open rate.

Here’s what happened when PWC increased their frequency

The newspaper provided a free promotional opportunity by running ads three days in a row. After the third day, they would give you six days of advertising “for free.”

With a tiny ad, we ran it six times a week for three weeks in a row. Then we skipped the next three weeks and did the same thing again 14 days later.

After a year of advertising with PWC, people have come up to her to tell her they had seen PWC ads all over the place. Business owners wanted to advertise on PWC because they saw that there was a serious commitment to advertising. Brides and grooms visited PWC often, because they were “reminded” month after month by views.

Learn how you can control your content

While it takes time to build a business, it will happen if you remember to keep getting your name in front of your customers and potential customers.


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