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Advertising on Television

You can buy time slots for commercials through a TV channel. The cost of the commercial depends on the popularity of the channel, the time slot, and audience size. On local channels, you pay less than on national channels.

Compare the prices of other networks before placing an ad. Another money-saving technique would be to buy a thirty second slot, and air commercials at a ten-fifteen second duration one after the other. This increases the chance that your commercial will be seen without costing you much in reruns. However, this is risky, so your commercials should not be too short so as to not deliver your critical messages to the audience. A shorter advertising technique would be a reminder commercial.

Discounts are offered when you sign up for a 12 month contract or 6 month contract, but the hours that the commercials air vary depending on your agreement.

The very first commercial to air was a Bulova watch commercial on July 1, 1941. Since then there have never been any stoppages, and now commercials advertise anything you can imagine.


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