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Body Branding is Not Free

Advertisers are always looking for new ways and new places to display company logos. Now a new advertising medium comes into play: the human body.

Remember the 20-year-old Nebraska native who auctioned off his forehead on E-Bay in exchange for a month of ad space? The winning bidder was SnoreStop, who paid $37,375 to put their logo on the web designer’s face for 30 days, and got a sizable bargain. Think of it this way: A full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal costs more than $23,000 a day. A full-page ad for American Idol: Magazine costs $45,000.

But here’s an interesting tidbit about a woman who has yet to receive payment because she branded herself with a company logo.

The location of the sign came to light when a 27-year-old Manhattan woman fell from her skateboard onto a burning manhole cover. The woman’s upper buttocks and left arm were burned by hot metal above the steam pipe, which bears part of the logo of the New York utility Con Edison. According to an article on allheadlinenews.com, the woman said she heard her skin hiss and saw “O” and “N” etched into her skin. Scars are permanent.

The woman has sued Edison for negligence, negligence, recklessness and misconduct. There’s no word on how much Con Edison will pay for some of the ads.

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