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Advertising in Concessions

Having successfully advertised in a food concession business the word of mouth advertising, print advertising and television commercial advertising.

Word-of mouth advertising is powerful because you don’t have to pay for it and you get it from your existing customers. It is also good because you need to have the right values such as great food, customer service and value. By making sure that your business has all of these aspects, customers will spread this type of advertising faster if they are dissatisfied. Normally, if someone is unhappy with a bad experience with your company; they will go on to spread the bad word about your company more quickly.

Another type of advertising is print ads. These are becoming less and less productive with the ever increasing popularity as long as it is done over the tv, radio, and internet. Some types of print advertising are flyers, business cards, and mail outs. These can all be in the form of websites or advertisements in other media that range from very plain and simple to decked out with colorful copies. Either way you go try to make a lasting impression by creating an inspiring text message or design for your ad. The downside is that flyers and mail outs may cause irritation because they are seen as annoying junk-mail which could alienate your customers. You should think about this before deciding which form of advertising to use on your company website.

Finally, we have radio and television commercials. These are great ways to advertise but they can be costly. The reason they are so great is because they let the advertiser see and hear the advertisement. Something is more likely to stick in someone’s mind when it is both seen and heard rather than just read. There is a downside, however it may not be as bad as that of print advertising. The down side of the tv or radio commercial is that people get annoyed because there are so many commercials, which has led them to learn how to accept this fact, though DVR technology has increased the popularity of fast forwarding through commercials in most cases, making it harder for a commercial to make an impact now on tv shows or radio shows that are aired live on air.

There are drawbacks to nearly all forms of advertising, but you do have to advertise in order to prosper as a business. You need to take into account the extra time and effort you will have as well as the costs of going digital.


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