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Promotional tricks your mom never revealed

OK, a few things to say before I get to the point. First of all, it is important to me to practice what I preach to the best of my ability. This is not always the case, which is why I am sometimes dissatisfied with myself. In this sense, I am a person who believes in open communication. I don’t like hidden schemes. I also believe in the goodness of people and try to agree with people when in doubt. Also, I believe that in order to trust people, you have to take risks in order to respect each other. With that in mind, I take a risk and hope no one will abuse it, but respect my goals and try not to break it.

Goal: I want to invent a word and include it in the Oxford English Dictionary. In order to successfully enter a word in the OED that you can check yourself, some conditions must be met, but I think I have my strategy and words ready. I believe that what I am about to share will not be taken away by others, thereby replacing my long-held dream. I will tell you my thoughts and I hope you will appreciate it, but pursuing it and making it a reality is still my thoughts.

One of the OED’s criteria is that there are no words with a similar definition. Or in other words, the word must be needed. It’s hard, but I think I get it. There is no word in English for “the person or thing you dislike the most”. A person or thing you hate the most. This is essentially the opposite of ‘favorite’. We can understand the idea, but we don’t have a word that sums up ‘most hated’ as efficiently as ‘favorite’ or ‘favorite’. I think The word that can bridge this linguistic divide is malrite.

This surprised me because languages ​​tend to develop words that need to express them. It seems to me that there has been enough widespread aggression and localized indifference, jealousy and resentment in the history of English-speaking countries to coin the term. But I started to wonder if such a word was needed until I started researching online advertising technology.
Aside from my own crazy nag about online ad tech, I’m not sure what the public thinks about the subject, and I’m certainly not sure if the industry itself is thinking about it. Then I came across an article titled “The Most Hated Ad tricks”. Wow, if there’s a reason to recharge my quest for Malrite, I’ve found it. This is an article related to research examining the negative effects of online advertising. But the whole thing went clumsily because there weren’t enough words to describe the disgust, contempt and hatred felt by the study volunteers. This article showed me that we all have our favorite and malicious things in life that we need to be able to articulate.

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