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Advantages of Buying Promotional Products Online

Shopping for your promotional products and corporate identity apparel online provides five major benefits: you have a greater selection, better pricing, convenience, customer service, and faster ordering time.

Factories often post all of the products that they have on the web because it gives consumers a greater selection. Consumers can compare prices and quality without wasting any time flipping through catalogs.

It can be difficult to find promotional products with good pricing, but by hand-selecting companies and including freight charges, promotional prices are more readily available.

Online companies offer the exact same product for less because traditional promotional distributors have a whole team of outside sales people. These outside sales people are largely responsible for the cost of a promotional item, raising their price. By purchasing promotional items on the web, you can eliminate their take and reduce your purchase price by a considerable amount of money.

This convenience comes with the ability to place an order online. All successful web companies provide this service using encryption to secure your information and make it more accessible. You can send your artwork via email. This is made easy with the online form. With online ordering, you gain the convenience of being able to order at any time, day or night, for seven days a week.

You can communicate with customer service representatives that are available throughout the day. If you would rather communicate through email, you have the ability to create a sophisticated record of your order.

Historically, customers were inconvenienced by the need to make an appointment with a salesperson in the brick and mortar store. This inconvenience caused delays in getting your order processed. Today, ordering online allows customer service specialists to contact factories without needing to leave the office. This means you will get your order processed much faster when you buy it online.

I want to remind you that there is always a trade off when it comes to buying promotional items, but the benefits will outway the lack of flexibility. There are sample costs and pre-payment requirements, but these costs insure that non-customers don’t get free samples from your company. They assure that you’ll pay only for what is owed, which can save you lots of money.

Hiring a print company that owns its own facility ensures there is better control over quality, a better understanding of branding, and quicker production.

The benefits of using an online distributor are numerous- convenience, speed, selection, accountability, and service. Orders will be cheaper than purchasing products retail.

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