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A Guide to Brochure Printing

Brochure printing can be easy when you identify your needs and budget in advance. Narrowing down your options will save you time, money, and hassle.

I’ll need to design the layout that I’ll be using and choose the mode of printing for my brochure.

You can get high-quality documents in quantities of any size. There are two printing processes that you can choose from: laser or digital printing, and offset printing. Offset printing uses the four-color process and is most often used for commercial purposes.

With laser or digital printing you can make high-quality prints. One significant difference between the two is that ink on a printer will smudge, but with laser printers this usually isn’t an issue.

Paper is a crucial component of brochure printing. Most brochure printers recommend heavyweight, coated, or glossy papers to make your design more vibrant and upscale.

The fold of your brochure is another important detail to take into consideration. The half fold, single fold, tri-fold, and “Z” fold are simple options you have. If you print more, the printer will give you a better discount.

Brochure printing can be easy and fun, and very customizable. You never know what you can create until you try, so go ahead and start printing your next brochure

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