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Advertising? Consider Product Life Cycle & Customer Buying Habits

When writing advertising for a small business, you should plan ahead and have a strategy to take into account both the life cycle of your product or service and what habits your customers have.

Today’s both sellers and buyers want fast results.

The life cycle of a product goes through (1) introduction, (2) rapid adoption, (3) industry standard, (4) fading and finally (5) phase out.

Recipients of the products can be classified into three groups: innovators, majority adapters, and stragglers.

Judge accordingly, as advertising should be tailored to a specific life cycle of the product or service.

New research, such as social media posts, video content, photos, and blogs are all ways to connect with innovators and early adapter customers rather than simply relying on advertising for your new product.

The other 80% are followers who will read ads, try recommendations from friends, or use coupons.

Advertising educates and entices prospects at all levels of the buying process. Most importantly, it is a person-to-person process that can over time remind, motivate, and change buying habits.

It is essential not to hesitate to make your product or services known. You should have your ads repetitively broadcast to potential customers when they are finally ready to explore and buy.

All you need is money and time. Be patient and keep chipping away at it while customers get accustomed to your product. Then, your advertising will be integrated into their buying habits.

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