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Advertisers Embrace ‘Rich Media’ Format

Using “rich media” ads, online advertisers have the ability to reach consumers in exciting new ways. Singing, dancing ads or MTV-like commercials can now draw attentions from consumers.

In 2004, advertisers spent an estimated $800 million on rich media ads. In 2013, they are expected to spend an estimated $1 billion, showing a growth in business by a staggering amount.

What is rich media? Rich media is online advertising that combines graphics, audio and interactive experiences.

More and more households are online, which means companies can use advertising to capture the attention of consumers.

Centale Inc., a digital marketing and technology firm, offers cutting-edge technology for its clients.

Centale has a platform that allows centralized communication to reach the desktop of their audiences.

The solution is independent of the need for e-mail and as e-mail subjects become saturated, the success rate of such emails go down.

With rich media, an advertiser can either stop the ad or click through to an advertiser’s site.

Online advertising attracts consumers by integrating with rich marketing materials and targeting products to those specific groups of people. Centale, a recent start-up, offers products that target the market in the moment of their high interest.

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