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10 Great Tips On How To Design A Card

Cards come in many variants. There are some that you can make by your own (for instance, birthday cards), and some made for a special occasion (like sympathy cards).

To start the design, you will need paper. For example, you can use pre-folded cards or cardstock to fold your own. You might also want to use a bone folder because it provides a neat and clean fold. There are several sizes available. You will also need to have an envelope to fit this paper in order to finish the design process. There are numerous templates for you to use in order to make this process easier.

After you design the front of your card, choose a sticker or rubber stamp for the image. If using stamps, try different color stamp pads to find one that matches the pattern on your cards. If layering stickers and stamps, use multiple papers with matching patterns.

Or, use embellishments in your card design. These are often dimensional and the result is a beautiful card.

Make sure that you pay attention to the glue usage. Using a glue gun or glue dots can work for heavy items or papers, but falls short for many other projects. You should use glue sticks if you’re looking for something that is high-quality and effective.

To put a message inside the card, consider using paper on the front of the card to match the design.

Have a look at the the design again. Do you like it? Does it need any more adornments? Is there a part of the design that would look better if colored in with paints or watercolors?

Finally, use your glue gun to attach the card to the envelope and decorate the envelope using markers, chalk or stamps.


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