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Advertise to millions -#2- Classified ads, e-zine promotion, safe lists.

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The series of articles I am writing are aimed at helping you to become a successful marketer. There are many ways to reach an audience, and I’ve discussed a few different strategies that can help you in your path to success.

To sell successfully, you need the right marketing technique. Sales are increased with skills like copywriting and use of social media.

A person must have the ability to reach a lot of people quickly. This can be done by taking into account the power of media and how it will increase revenues.

How to advertise using classifieds

You can create an advertisement on the internet for free by posting in classifieds. You can post ads to thousands of sites and reach millions of people.

There is a drawback to this strategy, which is that it can take time. It will take time before you find the right ad types to post to and learn what are not effective.

Check out these useful classified ads sites.

Find out how to advertise in classifieds websites like Excite

Find classifieds, e-zine publication promotion and safe lists using

Learn about classified ads, e-zine promotion and more

– Classified ads –

For free, if you are interested in submitting content to many different e-zines at once, try They provide the information on their site and they offer a form to complete.

One thousand, one hundred and twenty five customers are subscribed to the sites where you will place your banner advertisements. E-Zines have a combined number of more than 1,000,000 subscribers, which means that you will get a lot of exposure through them.

Utilizing an alternate email address for this purpose will ensure you stay up to date on what is going on. A free e-mail from Yahoo is a great way to do so.

However, this technique might not be as effective as you think. Most people will be joining that list to advertise to other people, and the goal of most subscribers is to sell products and not buy them.

What do you think of trading bots? It’s a way to make your strategy more diverse, and if it’s something you want to try, use an alternate email address and read over the terms and conditions before giving it a go.

Safe lists used to advertise to millions

Safe lists are lists of email addresses from people who have requested to receive messages. Check your list to make sure that sending requests to those e-mail addresses is not considered spamming.

If you spam people, don’t expect the same response rate. I mean, if they’re not interested in what you’re selling and didn’t request that information from you, then you’ll make very few sales, besides hundreds of them who’ll complain back at you.

Find targeted lists of e-mail addresses. These people might be interested in what you have to offer and are willing to pay attention to it. One way is to create your own list of subscribers.

You can use Yahoo groups or Google Groups to start your own newsletter by providing valuable information that is of interest to your visitors.

The beta Bravenet

Learn how Bravenet can help you advertise to millions

Learn about Topica

Classified ads, e-zine promotion and safe lists

Obtain millions of promotional possibilities through your mailing list provider

Create Your Own Safe Lists On Your Mailing List Provider

Check out Wendy’s list of ideas for success in advertising

Keep in mind that building your own list of subscribers takes time, so some prefer to pay others for the privilege of advertising on their lists. offers you the opportunity to advertise to their subscribers for a fee. Other companies provide this service and vary in price.


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