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Action Figures: Antiques for the Common Man

Many collectors would love to see an original G.I. Joe or Star Wars action figure, no matter how old they are. With a story like “G.I. Joe” you can imagine that some people might not want to blow-up their action figures!

In 1974, Takara created a 4-inch humanoid action figure that was called “MicroMan.” Takara re-named the toy line “Micronauts” in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Marvel Comics got a good run of comics before Mego’s company went down.

Hasbro has used the designs for Micronauts action figures to create 3-3/4″ G.I. Joes (which are now well known amongst young boys for their penchant for trouble). In recent years, Micronauts have also had a bit of a resurgence through comic books, a trilogy of paperback novels, and Palisades’ toy company. Now that the original company is coming out with larger versions of the originals based on the toys from 20 years ago, Hasbro has begun to come out with new versions as well. Like many classics, the old action figures still capture collectors’ attention most, but if you are thinking about putting them out in your yard sale, then think twice before you do because who knows what you might find?

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