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9 secrets Mark Twain taught me about advertising

Small products can be made large with the right advertising.

Advertising shows life and products with exaggerations to entice people. The best advertising, like Apple’s “silhouette” campaign for iPod, takes attention without exaggeration of a product. Instead they state facts or reveal an emotional need, making the leap from small to large.

“Mark Twain’s 9 Secrets of Advertising”

Today’s advertising is full of gimmicks that not only wear out their welcome, but also prevents a business from establishing genuine connections with their customers. Local car dealership ads are a prime example of this; they use outrageous or childish visuals in hopes to appeal to the consumer. However, many tactics rely on gimmicks that do not provide an honest depiction of the product’s benefits. What advertisers don’t realize is that there are powerful elements already available: the product features, branding, and weaknesses of its competitors. All businesses have to do is make an honest pitch for the product and ensure that its benefits actively meet customers’ needs.

Facts are scary pieces of information in advertising. You must be cautious with how you use them as politicians can tell you. If used correctly, they are powerful, but statistics are easily misinterpreted and advertisers love them.

If you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to change.

The majority of statistics come from a peer reviewed study which is biased. Any statistical studies need legal disclaimers and are seldom double blind. Consumer’s decisions should not rely on biased information, but rather sound arguments that address their needs.

The best way to capture the meaning of a word is by using its synonym.

Effective ad copy is key to creating a successful ad. Choose the right word at the right time and make every word focused on your message. If people try and stray from your message, keep them focused by telling them what you are offering most convincingly in a short amount of time.

<b> “Great people make us feel we can become great.”</b>

Great ads have the power to make us believe that anything is possible. They show realistic images of people living their best lives, making us feel like anything is possible. In this particular ad, the text suggests that somebody will win the lottery and it might as well be you.

<b>Mark Twain’s 9 Advertising Secrets That Will Work For You</b>

You can create emotional attachments to your products, by connecting on an emotional level with your customers.

X states, “A human being has a natural desire to have more of a good thing than they need.”

Companies use advertising to convince buyers that buying more is better. One of their strategies is to sell items in a different size or configuration than the usual. For example, you can buy a Colgate twenty percent larger and have 60 additional sheets of Charmin toilet paper.

Clothing does a lot more than just shield us from the elements. Garments play an important role in how we’re seen by society.

The reason why you might spend exorbitant amounts on clothes is that the appearance of someone who wears them can reflect their character and social status. Stores will still charge a high price for their products if they know that these qualities are detectable in appearance. They even have creative photographers to correctly capture the mood of their clothing, ensuring that “the emperor’s clothes” don’t go unnoticed.


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