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Advertise to millions -#1- Write articles

Introduction to content generation with AI

The secret to success is to increase their sales of products by developing skills, which allow them to promote them.

One of the most important skills you must have is the ability to reach a lot of people quickly. To do this, it’s important to understand how powerful media is and how it can promote your brand.

– Start Writing Articles –

Articles can be used to advertise content online. Articles work most effectively when they are short and written specifically for the audience, with an eye on keywords. One of the most effective ways to use this strategy is to create one article and then submit it to various websites.

The author’s resource box at the bottom of an article will contain contact information for that author. This may include their name, phone number, e-mail address or web site URL.

Copymatic uses machine learning and structured data to create relevant blog posts that can help web masters, affiliates, marketers and publishers attract visitors to their site. Copymatic borrows content from people who provide the content for free.

With this strategy, you and the publisher are both earning money because every time someone reads your content on their site, they may contact you. Some publishers use article banks to fill content in their websites; they benefit from your efforts while you get free publicity.

This technique can increase your exposure by exponential amounts. With 10 sites and 500 publishers per site, you can expect your article to be viewed by as many as 10,000 people provided they are interested in it.

If you write articles that generate 3,000 quality backlinks, on average, then it’s likely that one of your articles will be published on 5,000 different web sites.

Let’s say your 5,000 sites average out at 1000 visitors per month. This could be roughly 5 million potential prospects that will come across your products or services every month. Granted, not all of the visitors will find you articles, not all of the publishers will publish what you write and this process won’t happen overnight. It does take some time.

Copying and pasting articles is a great method for increasing Internet exposure. It is free, easy and doesn’t take up too much time.

If you submit 10 articles to 10 of the best e-zines, within a few months a lot of visitors will be coming to your site. This is because writing and submitting many articles is crucial to receiving visitors. Once you have been writing only one article and submitting it to just one site, there wont be any clients coming.

You may not see the results of your content marketing campaign for years, but with some good SEO, you can make years of posts work for you. All you need to do is get a specific number of articles on as many high-ranking sites as possible, and they will continue to influence readers for years to come.

New publishers find trending content every month. The more it is shared, the more popular it becomes. Viral marketing is a tricky business because it can take some time for your article to be seen by enough people so that you can start increasing your sales. For this type of marketing to work, patience is key! If you do share articles frequently, it will become an invaluable asset to your company by promoting your products and services on the internet with no extra effort from you.

For example, I wrote 3 articles and submitted them to I was amazed when I checked after 3 days to see that one of the articles had been downloaded by 100 people already. How come? – I submitted it there only three days before.

That’s to see how many people out there are seeking fresh new content for their web sites. When we did downloads, we saw that the other two articles had been downloaded about 40-50 times, while mine had been downloaded 197 times. In 2 weeks!

You get the exposure of the publisher when they share your content. Exposure leads to an increase in rankings on search engines, which leads to more potential clients.

If you don’t like to create your own content, then you can post a freelancer on and have them write it for you according to the project description that you submit there. They may charge from $10 to $20 per new, unique article for freelancers who bid on the project and accept your bid. Articles range in length from 1 – 10 pages depending on their length.

You can submit your articles to thousands of article banks, but you should only submit them to about 15 or 20. It is important not to skip the most popular ones, those with several thousand publishers like ArticleCity, GoArticles and EzineArticles. Just make sure you read the author byline first.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, there is a company called that distributes content created automatically to more than 12,000 publishers or blogs of various niches. You have to pay them while the other approaches mentioned before don’t charge any money, but they still produce quality content.

In conclusion, this technique can help you get more clients. You can read about other marketing techniques from my other articles on the blog.

Learn how to start a blog and build followers

This is a series of articles where I discuss different ways of marketing and advertising to your audience. In this series, I will show you some tips to improve your marketing strategies.

So, the secret to success is not what you sell, but how you promote it. Develop marketing skills so your business can thrive.

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