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Advergaming: Advertising through video games

The use of games by companies to promote their products is called “advergaming.” This term was first used in 2001 to describe the commissioning of free online games by huge companies. There are three categories of advergaming: ATL Advergaming, BTL Advergaming, and TTL Advergaming

ATL advertising games can be used as promotional tools for their website, by adding interactive video games that highlight certain products. This increases the website’s conversion rates and boosts traffic.

Before the internet, floppy disks and later compact disks were used by businesses to promote their products and create awareness. For example, American Home Food used a game to promote Chef Boyardee and Taco Bell created a game to advertise tacos.

Sometimes, games are used to market and advertise products. Some companies choose this approach because they feel that people move around more in the virtual world than in the real world and look at what is available to them, so this is a cost-effective way to catch their attention.

Educational advergaming refers to games that promote a moral message. games can portray the same commercial messages found in other forms of advertisement, such as promoting the movie The Mummy through its in-game advertising.

Video games can also be effective for ads, like the EA Sports game with Pepsi banners. By providing a free or reduced-price version of the game, companies are able to give consumers a taste at no cost.

Advergaming is rare and through the line. It is embedded into a game that invites you to visit the webpage and read the BTL (below-the-line) adverts. Different methods are used to attract people, such as in Bioshock when you’re forced to click on a URL to find out more about the plot of the next level, which advertises about the products. Link Chase games are usually known for this but it depends what website owners have seen. Website visitors might be tempted with a prize in order to prompt them to click on a URL

This form of advertising is noteworthy as it creates awareness and visibility to the player and his friends, who may land on the site due to a recommendation from a friend. The success of Advergaming largely depends on word of mouth, hence it is also known as viral marketing. In 2004, this industry generated around 83.6 million dollars, which involved 105 million players.

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