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15 Tips to increase your Adwords profits

Create a list of keywords that are relevant to your product, service or business field. The more keywords you have, the higher chance you will get at least 5 correct ones.

To find keywords your competitors did not, try misspelling words such as emergency to include “emergency”, “imergency”, or even “immergency”.

The more expensive the first position on Google’s search result page, the more clicks it gets. If you’re looking for customers, it’s worth it to give the first position a try if you are willing to spend more money.

Google determines the placement of ads by balancing the maximum bid that you are willing to pay and the relevance that your ad will provide the searcher. The higher CTR (click through rate) that your ad has, the better its chances of being shown again to a new viewer.

Adding an ad-text to the bottom of your content will improve the chance that others will click it. Advertisements are like a salesperson, presenting your product to the audiences’ interests.

It’s more profitable for you to find search terms that consist of several words and searches. Remember, don’t get into price wars with your competitor!

AdWords lets you choose a word that your ad will show up for, or you can get even more specific with the case of “exclusively entering your term”, for example if the user is searching for hiking trails in California.

Use keywords you don’t want to reach with your ads. They are a way of avoiding paying for clicks that use the excluded keyword. For example, if you run an ad for a phone that has no internet or camera, then include the term ‘tablet’ in your exclusion list.

Every keyword should be reflected on its own landing page. The costs to create these pages can be a one-time charge or can be accumulated depending on the keywords.

With a landing page, you can measure the success of your keywords and ad campaigns. You can continuously optimize them to maximize successful conversion rates.

To meet your audience’s needs and promote your product or service, update the content on your Adwords advertising at specific events or holidays.

Conclusory ad text will draw a more targeted audience, excluding all searchers who aren’t willing to spend money.

Tune your AdWords ads to conservatively select which countries and languages you want them to be available in. If only people who speak in German can use your service, for example, then it is okay to make “Germany” and “Austria” the countries you focus on.

You might want to turn off your ads by Google on partner sites if they don’t seem like they are worth the cost. The site could be a distraction for potential customers with more relevant ads shown in their place.

You can increase Adwords profits by following these 15 methods. You just need to take action.

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