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12 Handy Tips for Generating Leads through Cold-Calling

Cold calling can help you generate quality leads by speaking to top decision makers. You can speak with them and get a great insight into what they require and what influences them.

Cold calls may be intimidating, but they’re also a necessary part of doing business. Following these tips will help you bring your best to the phone and turn potential leads into satisfied customers!

Tip  Record everything

Always write down all details of every phone call, including any names and titles if you learn them. It is important to not just write down the name of the person you are trying to contact. It can be vital to remember the name of a receptionist as they are often the gatekeepers. You should also note when you called and when you said you would call back.

The two important things that cold-calling new leads entails

Save time with a CRM tool and access an alternative, like a Microsoft Access file. The download is no-cost and is 208KB in size, which is enough to get you started.

Ways To Generate More Leads Through Cold-Calling

Don’t let the client down by not meeting your commitments. It may seem like they won’t remember, but if they do, you risk losing respect and credibility. Work with their schedule to make things easier for them, not harder.

TIP FOR COPYWRITERS: If you’re an advertising copywriter or website copywriter, ask to speak to the Marketing Manager (or if the person who answers the phone says they don’t have a marketing manager, ask for “the person who looks after your advertising & website” – all businesses have that person – it’s generally one of the owners).

tips for Getting On With Gatekeepers

The receptionist and personal assistant are two people with a lot of influence, who take more responsibility and make more decisions than you would expect. Make friends with them and they will give you the attention you want. (But don’t waste their time or bother them – they get a lot of that!)

Target your speech at the customer’s needs

Keep it short and sweet, unless the other person is interested in chatting for a long time. Every phone call should have a clear purpose, and if you’re an advertising copywriter (or website copywriter), your goal might be to offer brochure-writing services; then, during the conversation, you find out they need website-creating services.

Instead of asking to take a person’s email address over the phone, tell them that you want to send them an email with information and samples or testimonials.

Use an email for follow-up to generate leads

Always send a follow-up email to the person you talked to on the phone and ask for time to talk in person again before following up with them. Keep the email short and conversational, and bold important words or phrases that may only be skimmed.

Have you tried cold call as a lead generating method?

If you liked the lead, follow up by mentioning the day and date of your original call, as well as that you sent an email. Give a quick summary of who you are and what you do, and say that it’s just to make sure they got the email. Most of the time, you’ll find they’ll talk to you about your services!

How to make the most of cold-calling

On a best-case scenario, salespeople can make 80 calls on one day. However, most days present more difficult prospects; averaging 40 calls per day would be a victory. Cold calls will require patience judging from the amount of time to return phone calls.

tips for generating leads through cold-calling

Unless you absolutely have to, or you’ve just about given up on the lead, don’t leave messages. Most people struggle to return phone calls from people they know and like; returning phone calls from someone who’s trying to sell them something is not a high priority.

Don’t expect to qualify too many leads

If your company is experiencing good sales, on average you will receive one lead a day.

Consider using a lead generation campaign


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