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nursing apps for apple watch

nursing apps for apple watch

The 13 Apple Watch medical apps currently available for physicians

When the Apple Watch launched last month, there were already more than 3,500 apps customized for the Apple Watch. Of the thousands of Apple Watch apps, hundreds are related to digital health — but few are for actual healthcare providers and doctors.

I searched the current Apple Watch Store to see how many apps were for real doctors.

Below is the method I use. The Apple Watch App Store can be accessed through the native Apple Watch app on the iphone. When you scroll through the category tabs, you won’t see the medical category for Apple Watch, unlike the iOS App Store on iphone and iPad. Instead, on May 16, 2015, I did a search for the keyword “medical” and returned 107 results.

From these 107 results, I went through the iTunes description and identified an app for doctors. I was surprised by the results – only 13 medical applications.

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Vital Values ​​is an app that provides you with normal vital signs for different pediatric age groups. For those of us who treat pediatric patients, quick access to certain normal vital signs can be very helpful. The Apple Watch version gives you 5 cards to flip through – each with a different age group.

The app is very easy to use and I like its overall simplicity. The only problem I have with the app is the lack of reference data for measurements when you visit the app’s info page on the iphone. I recommend doctors to check all vital signs before using this app to make sure they are within the given reference range.

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