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happy scale app review

happy scale app review

Happy Scale App Review: Your Weight Tracker for 2021


If you’re trying to lose weight, then you know exactly how hard it is and why every little bit is a motivation to keep going. With that in mind, how can you tell if you’re losing weight if you’re not using a weight tracker app like the Happy Scale app?

The Happy Scale Weight Loss Tracker app is available on your iPod touch, iPad and iphone to track your weight loss, diet, fat loss and more. Once you start seeing immediate results, you’ll feel inspired to keep going and achieve your goals.

The Happy Scales app helps you understand frustrating weighing ups and downs by using mathematical analysis to understand your scale weight.

The Happyscale app uses complex math to determine true trends in your progress. You can see what you’re really losing every week. Check out our list of the best weight loss apps.

Relieve stress

When you’re trying to lose weight, you have enough energy to focus and worry about keeping track of all your stats. Not only that, Happy Scale gives you the weighing you deserve – a joyous experience.

If you notice a pound or two gain compared to the day before, this app will make you feel better. What it does is “smooth your daily weight”. This means you don’t have to worry about the number, but a trend line will be displayed so you can see your steady progress from day to day.

Weight entries can be automatically imported from other weight tracker apps that support exporting to the Apple Health app, and Happy Scale Weight Loss Tracker will export all of your weight to Apple Health for viewing by other apps.

The point here is to give you an easier and more accurate view of how much you actually lost and how much progress you made over time. If you find yourself struggling to balance, try this app and see your progress and results in a completely different way.

There are a lot more

Not only does the app give you an accurate overview of your weight loss, it also helps you break down your goals into smaller and very achievable milestones. Starting to break down your goals will only put you on the path to success because it seems like a much smaller obstacle. You have all sorts of small goals that seem completely realistic instead of one huge goal.

This app is free to download and use. But in recent years, developers have added a paid subscription service to get all the benefits of the app.

I have to agree with users that this app feels different because it’s not counting calories and meals. This is a more realistic approach to weight loss. If you’ve tried dieting in the past with no luck, it’s time to give this app a try.

advantages and disadvantages


  • User-friendly control panel
  • Ability to track a range of stats on weight and fat loss progress
  • Free for a week


  • This is just a one week free trial and won’t give you much chance to see results

final thoughts

The Happy Scale app is unique in that it takes a different approach to tracking your weight loss goals on iPod touch, iPad and iphone. It might just be the tool you need to start losing weight today.

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