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cool kicks app review

cool kicks app review

cool kicks app

CoolKicks app is here to bring you the best
Exclusive sneakers and streetwear at extremely low prices, well below market prices
value! It’s easy to be a part of this community. Coolkicks drops are
Weekly exclusive releases of brand and product sales and….

CoolKicks Sneaker & Streetwear Reviews: 3 Reviews

By ZionKicks

This app has to be one of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded! All shoes in the app are below retail prices and the shoes are always in top condition. The best app to download if you want to do shoe resale but start with a small budget since everything is retail. I really like this app because it’s a bit like the SNKRS app, but more accessible because there are so many different sneakers of different sizes dropped at the same time. I believe the sneaker giveaways on the site are first come, first served, which is great because like the SNKRS app, most people will choose the same shoes, but the CoolKicks app will always drop a lot of different shoes at the same time, and Not everyone likes the same pair of shoes, giving you a higher chance of getting what you want. I love this app and will definitely be using it a lot in the future! 5/5!

 By WigginsJr88

The cool kick is where it is. There are a lot of haters out there, but you know what, who cares? ? ? Keep honing and never give up on Cool Kicks. How much is $20 when people from all over the world go to actual locations in California to police or surrender? ! ? ! ? GOAT and StockX, the big sneaker companies, also charge you 20% more than Cool Kicks. Let’s stand by our own and stop complaining. We see the people we support through Cool Kicks and they never stop giving back. They actually give away items every day, not weak things. When did GOAT or StockX ever give you something other than stickers? ? ? ? fact. The app is brand new and the price is legendary. A writer once said, “To be great, live as if you’d never die.” Cool kick never dies.
Now to analyze this! ! ! !

By mega_pollas


I like the fact that it’s a safer way to shop online. I often hear people talk about GOAT and StockX selling fake shoes, but I know I can trust you all. The only problem I have with this app is that you have to be a member to buy it. It’s cool that you earn a little more, but it’s like come on guys. I love the items in the app, but why does someone have to be a member to buy items? If you’re not a member, you should be where the price of shoes and looks is a bit higher than someone with a membership. It makes people think it’s better to get a membership so you can get better deals on shoes. I still love everyone who works at The cool and Cool kicks. Stick to it! 🙃🙃🙃

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