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Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker


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Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (known in Europe as Batman of the Future: Return of the Joker and not to be confused with Batman: Return of the Joker) is a 3D superhero beat-’em-up developed by Kemco and published by Ubisoft for the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64 on December 13, 2000. It also received a handheld version (as a belt-scrolling beat-’em-up) on the Game Boy Color on November 20, 2000.

The video game tie-in to the animated movie of the same name (which is based on the Batman Beyond animated series), Return of the Joker puts players as the futuristic Batman (superhero alter-ego of high-school student Terry McGinnis), as he investigates Neo-Gotham City for the whereabouts of The Joker, a resurfaced villain from the days of the original Batman (superhero alter-ego of Terry’s mentor, Bruce Wayne) who plans to use a satellite laser to destroy the city.


The game plays like a traditional beat-em-up, as players play through five stages as Batman. Players can move him around with the analog stick, crouch with the Crouch button (C-Right on the N64), run with the Run button (L button on the N64), and jump with the Jump button (R button on the N64). He can attack using the Punch button (B button on the N64) and the Kick button (A button on the N64), and can block attacks using the Block button (Z button on the N64). Some of his abilities can be used with the Special button (C-Left on the N64).

Bat Suits

At any point in the game, players can switch between four different types of loadouts (called “bat suits”) for Batman using the D-Pad, changing both his stats and his special abilities.

  • Standard Suit – By wearing the Standard Suit, Batman can use his arsenal of gadgets (which can be used with the Special button and cycled through using the D-Pad): the Dark Knight Discus (thrown projectiles that require ammunition), the Dark Knight Staff (a staff swing which attacks in a circular area), and the Magnetic Nunchuku (a nunchuck attack which can be charged).

  • Offensive Suit – More fragile than his other suits, the Offensive Suit is capable of stronger attack power and the ability to punch open certain crates. This suit allows him to perform a rolling kick (by pressing the Special button) and a low kick (by pressing the Crouch button when an enemy is close to him).

  • Defensive Suit – Sacrificing his normal attacking power for better protection, the Defensive Suit gives him advanced shielding, allowing him to deflect most enemy attacks (using either the Special or Crouch buttons). He can also use his shielding to perform a damage-dealing Shield Punch by pressing the Special button while moving.

  • Nimble Suit – While wearing the agility-oriented Nimble Suit and in the air, he can perform a double jump (by hitting the Jump button), a jump kick (by pressing the Kick button), or a glide (by holding down the Jump button).

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