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LEGO Island


LEGO Island is a nonlinear, open-ended, first-person adventure game that lets you freely explore a small tropical Island inhabited by LEGO minifigures. There are a variety of activities to do on the Island including; pizza deliveries, automotive/jet ski racing, helicopter missions and ambulance runs. There is also a short series of story missions involving “The Brickster,” a mischievous criminal imprisoned on the Island.


Released exclusively for the PC in 1997, LEGO Island was the first video game based on the LEGO brand of toys. The 3D graphics were also relatively advanced for the time, which led to some debates during its development as to whether it should actually be 3D at all.


LEGO Island follows the conventions of a sandbox-style game, where the player has freedom to complete objectives in any order. Upon first arriving on the Island you are greeted by the Infomaniac in the Information Center. Before exploring, you need to choose one of five playable characters and a location to start from. Depending on which character the player chooses when the game is launched, different side quests may appear altogether.

Playable Characters

There are five playable characters in the game, each with their own unique interactions with the inhabitants of the island. There are even special side missions that are only available when playing as certain characters.

Mama Brickolini

As an Italian immigrant skilled with the piano, Mama works alongside her husband Papa Brickolini at the LEGO Island Pizzeria, where she can usually be found providing musical entertainment for the customers.

Papa Brickolini

Also an Italian immigrant, Papa owns and operates the LEGO Island Pizzeria along with his wife, Mama Brickolini. When asked how he became so successful, Papa replies, “We’re the only place to eat on the Island!” Pointing out their motto, “LEGO Island Pizzeria: Where else you gonna eat?”

Pepper Roni

The Brickolinis’ adopted son. When not in school, this “dude with the food” skates around LEGO Island delivering pizzas for Mama and Papa.

Nick Brick

Officer Nick Brick of the LEGO Island Police Department is incredibly good at remembering things. He can remember almost anything. In fact, he remembers that he can remember almost anything right now.

Laura Brick

Sister and fellow police officer to Nick Brick, Laura also works for the LEGO Island Police Department. She is a skilled motorcyclist and loves patrolling the Island while keeping the inhabitants safe from the Brickster and themselves.

Non-Playable Characters


The Infomaniac created LEGO Island some “40 zillion” years ago and lives in the Information Center. He acts as a wacky guide throughout the game, informing you about various activities on the Island and how they work.


The Brickster was the first person built by the Infomaniac after creating LEGO Island. They became best friends until the Infomaniac informed him that he wanted to build others. This made the Brickster go insane. He stole bricks from LEGO Island and left to create is own Island called OGEL. He sometimes returns to LEGO Island to steal more bricks. At the start of the game, the Brickster is imprisoned in the LEGO Island Jail.

Bill Ding

Resident building expert Bill Ding shows up whenever you start building something. Like the Infomaniac, he acts as a guide, explaining to the player all the different functions of the build editor. His personality changes based on the hats he wears.


There are a number of locations to visit on LEGO Island, each offering its own unique activities for the player.

Information Center

The Information Center is located on the east side of the Island and servers as a central hub, where players can adjust all sorts of game settings.

Police Station

The LEGO Island Police Station located on the northeast corner of the Island is home to brother and sister police officers Nick and Laura Brick. Players can build a police helicopter here.

Helipad & Jail

The LEGO Island Police helipad and Jail is located just north of the Police Station. Here players can take the helicopter for a spin or talk to Brickster in the Jail.


The LEGO Island Pizzeria is located on the south side of the Island, and is home to Papa and Mama Brickolini. Papa makes the pizzas while Mama entertains the customers with live music. Pepper Roni works for them delivering pizza around the Island when he’s not in school, wherever that is. Players can deliver the pizzas

Lifeguard Station

At the LEGO Island Lifeguard Station south of the Pizzeria, players can build their very own jet skis to race around the Island.


The LEGO Island Racetrack in the center of the Island lets players build and race cars deep beneath the Island’s surface through large caves filled with strange obstacles.


At the LEGO Island Hospital on the Island’s northeast corner, players can help by driving an ambulance around assisting various island residents with their problems.

Gas Station

At Nubby’s Gas Station just west of the Information Center, players can build a dune buggy and drive Nubby’s tow truck to assist with objects in need of repair.

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