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Batman: The Animated Series


Batman: The Animated Series is based on the 90’s television show of the same name. Players take control of either Batman or Robin to take out the villain at the end of the level (episode).


Each episode has its own plot. The only two episodes that are connected are the final two.

Episode 1Joker distributes exploding Teddy Bears around the city. Played as Batman.

Episode 2Mr. Freeze attempts to freeze all of Gotham City. The Scarecrow also attempts to stop the Dynamic Duo in any way that he can. Mr. Freeze areas are played as Batman, while Scarecrow areas are played as Robin.

Episode 3Poison Ivy kidnaps Harvey Dent. Additionally, Catwoman appears to confront The Caped Crusader. The entire episode is played as Batman.

Episode 4Penguin and the Riddler have escaped Arkham and are running rampant in Gotham. Both villains are fought as Batman, while Robin is played when you are chasing Penguin. At the end of the episode, you play as Batman escaping the Penguin’s exploding airship. After the level is completed, the Batplane is shot out of the sky.

Episode 5 – The Joker is who shot Batman out of the sky. Batman must stop him in the final battle of the game.


gameplay in Batman: The Animated Series is fairly simple. The A and B buttons are for Jump and Punch Respectively. Both Batman and Robin have access to a wall jump ability that is extremely helpful when trying to reach higher ledges. Both characters also have access to Batarangs which must be found in levels. These are toggled on and off with the Select button. Batman has the ability to use a grapple hook, while Robin can hang from ceilings. Batman can be hit seven times before losing a life, while Robin can only be hit five times.

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